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Lionel Pieh

I’m Lionel Pieh with a diverse background with experience, skill and ability to implement a variety of effective sports training activities. A significant amount of my developmental years was devoted to playing football during high school, college and semi-professionally post college. Currently, I hold a Parisi Speed School Certification at the expert level. My undergraduate education was completed at University of Memphis, while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. Upon completion of my degree work and collegiate football experience at the University of Memphis, I extended my football talents and played in the American Football League in Europe.

During the past seven years I’ve worked as a speed coach at D-1 Sports Training and currently at Parisi Speed School. I have also worked as a personal trainer during the last three years. I trained the University of Memphis football team speed mechanics in the spring of 2006. By doing so, I was given the opportunity to be the assistant strength coach for the University of Memphis Basketball team while John Calipari was head coach. My desire is to provide an opportunity for individuals to better themselves beginning at the high school level or beyond, by providing guidance, skill building and addressing concerns pertaining to overall fitness for strength training and speed enhancement. Whether in a group or one-to-one, I individualized training to meet the needs of the individual within program requirements. My personal desire is to avail myself to help an individual strive for excellence and to exceed their own expectations.

Beau Lotz


• Seven years as Traveling Strength and Speed Coach for 13-year NBA veteran

• Worked with over 60 Professional athletes, 425 Collegiate athletes, 330 High School athletes, and 250 Middle School athletes

• Thirteen years of speed development/strength and conditioning training for all-aged individuals--includes designing and implementing sport and non-sport-specific training programs for athletes and non-athletes

• Specialize in speed mechanics through implementation of various techniques including Soviet training and recovery methods.

• Specialize in Combine Training for NFL prospects and preseason training for pro players of all sports

• Effective trainer and communicator - Worked with numerous top business professionals from businesses such as Saks Fifth Avenue, FedEx, Seesel’s and AutoZone.
• Skilled in team management –Worked with numerous teams each consisting of over 15 players while developing and implementing men’s and women’s team conditioning programs for:
High school basketball, track, volleyball, soccer, football, and baseball
Collegiate baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer teams
• Two years experience in designing and administering double-blind placebo tests on reaction and quickness which includes designing and selecting test protocol, recording test data, and applying this data to sports-specific situations

• Specialized in training using IsoPump ACE (Advanced Conditioning & Evaluation System), Impulse Systems Inertial Exercise Trainers, Power Trainer (trains athletes on starting power and explosion), SPEED CHUTEs, and The Quick Board training devices -- all involve developing specific training techniques suitable to each athlete and respective position and sport
• Four-year collegiate soccer player and Academic All-American

• NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) certified CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)